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  • Imagine a journey along a path full of pits and traps, alone and in the dark, when a guide comes along side you to see you through the other side. Safely and successfully navigating a treacherous path you come to a realization of a dream come true. Margo Bush and Bush Publishing is that guide. I personally have tried to navigate this path alone, I’ve made countless attempts to self-publish and all have failed. I’ve been rejected by many publishing houses and had lost hope of ever seeing my dream come true until I met Margo and the dream become a reality.

    I’m just a writer with what I feel is an amazing story to tell like millions of others. A life just a little out of the ordinary but I wanted to share it with others, Bush Publishing made that happen. I’m not famous or rich, just a guy with a story. Margo made that story her passion, she made it her dream. I am a regular guy, I can be found on Facebook, Linked In, and so on. I’m not a congressman or famous actor but Bush Publishing took me on like I was the next Harry Potter. I look forward to the next book and working with Bush Publishing to see a dream become reality.
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    Jeff Hopper, Author: Thief in the House

  • As a business owner with four children, I need a coach who acknowledges me as a whole person—not as a business woman alone. I have found more than what I hoped for in Margo. As an intuitive coach, she helps me develop both business strategies and life strategies that work seamlessly together. She provides just the right amount of information, support and encouragement as I work through the many obstacles that come from running a business and a home. With Margo’s help, I am enjoying true success—I run a profitable business that serves clients around the country, and I am able to be the mom my children need!
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    Lisa Cooper, CEO, Ellse Pasticceria

  • Today I had a meeting with a pastor friend of mine, to pay forward by giving him my very first signed book of The Essentials. I can't tell you enough how much that meant to me. All these years I held his first autographed book that he gave me as a source of encouragement. Our meeting was such an honor for me as I gave to him the first book that Bush Publishing helped me publish. During his evening service I was asked on stage to share my testimony of our connection and meeting. Then he fully endorsed my book, The Essentials, ordered several copies for his book store and will be placing it on a website that he oversees for several Faith Ministries. The testimony and book was broadcasted to over 18 foreign countries, online, and even to two of his remote location churches (one in Kansas City and in Guatemala) plus a live feed to a church in South Dakota. All I wanted to do was to just thank him for believing in me 21 years ago and planting a seed of being an author. Thank you again Bush Publishing for building more than just a book, but a dream and even more. So many thanks to you and the team! I am so blessed today and our God is doing more than I could have ever asked or dreamed of!
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    Shawn Scheffler, Author: The Essentials

  • Architects and engineers interpret the desires of their client into reality. So does Bush Publishing. Virtually everyone who manifests an expression large enough to become a book lacks the skills to properly optimize the delivery. Margo Bush and her team are facilitators and stewards of a person's works. All are precious to the author, some are worthy to the world and a few re-define civilization. Margo’s role in my behalf is an awesome responsibility. I look to her and her team to audit, edit and perfect my voice as it appears in writing. You do it well. Architects and engineers could benefit from such a service.
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    Joseph T. Mongray

  • I did great in New York at The Young Entrepreneur Association Competition! I made a lot of connections and I had lunch with the CMO of south west airlines and many others. They are planning on coming down to my restaurant when it opens soon! Unfortunately I did not move on to the finals but many people were very moved by my presentation and I had many compliments about the way I gave my speech/presentation. My business is almost ready to launch. I do have to go through some patenting with the new product I made with my tortillas! But once I get my patenting done I am on my way! Thank you for all you have done to help me it was a great honor to have you help me, I couldn't thank you enough! The experience working with you was truly amazing ! I owe you a lot of tortillas! LOL! :)
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    Gabby, Gabbys Tortillas

  • Great being friended by you, Margo. I am looking forward to working with you on my second novel, The Healer of Wounded Souls. Thanks for being my publisher.
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    Diane Adams Taylor

  • Bush Publishing has been incredible to work with me. Margo works along side you to help you bring out that story within yourself. She has given me confidence in writing and branding myself as a writer and speaker. They are extremely professional and just a delight to work with. I am finally fulfilling the dream of writing a book and Bush Publishing has helped me make that dream come true.
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    Chantell Cooley, Vice President/Owner, Columbia Southern University