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New Beginnings

My name is Margo, and I believe everyone has a story. I want to bring those stories and their authors to you. This is the beginning of a new chapter for Bush Publishing as we reach out to hear some of your journeys through this blog.

A little bit about me—I am a mother of two wonderful boys who are successful in their own right. I became a widow in my forties and truly miss having my best friend by my side every day. When it all first happened I didn’t know what I was going to do with the rest of my life, but during a miraculous turn of events, I took the business my husband had built and began to embark on a new future for myself.


Over the past 15 years, my journey as a publisher has taken me into the lives of hundreds of people—writers, seasoned authors, and successful business men and women who have discovered that they have a story to tell. It truly amazes me how many incredible journeys people will encounter in their lifetime or what kind of adventure they can create inside their head. I feel lucky to have these beautiful stories find their way onto my desk, and I feel blessed to share them with the world in print, TV and film.

With this blog, I will deliver these amazing writers’ stories to you, and I hope you share yours with us.